who is hrmannz? 


It all started when…


I am Richard Westney, an experienced and passionate HR professional working as an independent contractor / consultant based in Wellington, New Zealand. Back in the early days of social media, I became an avid Twitter user. I was using it to connect with like-minded HR folk around the world. As I was an HR Manager at the time, so the name @HRManNZ was born.

With over 25 years experience in HR and management I have worked across many industries and sectors in both New Zealand and the UK.  In 2017 I made the decision to work for myself to provide HR support to small and medium-sized businesses. Something I’m extremely passionate about doing. Whatever the size of your business, if you need help with an HR or change project, or a temporary HR resource then let's talk.

I am also big on collaboration and putting back into the HR profession I am proud to be a member of. In 2016, with some like-minded HR and marketing practitioners, I co-founded the Summer of Biz internship programme.  In 2015 I established and continue to run the Wellington HR Meetup group to share knowledge about the profession. I am also an active mentor of young HR professionals. I write a bit too, and am arguably the foremost HR blogger in New Zealand through my Up the Down Escalator blog.

You can contact me through any of the methods below or use the contact form:

Phone: +64 (0)27 509 8339

Email: richardwestney@gmail.com